PLA - Culture of Healthcare (SA)

This is a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to test out of the actual course. This PLA is comprised of multiple sections which may include a portfolio of your work and/or essay-style answers, a skills demonstration, and/or a multiple-choice test. There is a non-refundable fee to take this exam. Upon payment, you will be enrolled in Blackboard where you will see directions for contacting the instructor, some sample questions or a rubric, and some tips for success before completing the various portions of the assessment. You must score an 80% or better for credit to be awarded. An introduction to the culture of healthcare for students interested in working in various healthcare settings. Learners examine professionalism, interpersonal and written communication skills, problem-solving skills and patient privacy and confidentiality issues as they relate to healthcare. The competencies for this course are: 1. examine the healthcare community; 2. demonstrate professional behavior as a member of the healthcare team; 3. protect patient privacy and confidentiality; 4. Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills in the healthcare setting; 5. integrate principles of customer service in the healthcare setting; 6. Demonstrate effective written communication skills in the healthcare setting; 7. Apply an organized process to solve problems in a healthcare setting. Prior Learning Assessment: PLA Portfolio and Interview. $90 non-refundable fee.

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Course: PLA - Culture of Healthcare (SA) (24725)

PLA-Prior Learning Assessment
Location: Wisconsin Rapids
Duration: 1/3/2023 - 5/18/2023

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Prior Learning Assessment


Sarah Chojnacki

Tuition and Fees: $90.00

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This class is for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) testing only.

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PLA - Culture of Healthcare (SA)

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